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Case Study 1


Director: Austin Kelley   |   Producer: Maania Hopper   |   Agency & Production Company: Austin Kelley


ADDY (American Advertising Award) x 1

Telly Awards x 3

Horizon Interactive Awards x 3

Communicator Awards x 2


LaCantina Interactive

Case Study

Communicator Awards logo_0.jpg

20 Homes. 3 Regions. 2 Interactive Experiences.  


To create two interactive experiences exploring the 1. Materials Options and 2. Design Considerations of LaCantina Doors world-renowned and award winning door systems. Each experience needed to be touch screen on all mobile devices in addition to desktop and funnel the user to either products that fit their climate region or by their particular interest in design.  The UI and UX would need to be refined for LaCantina and take the brand further as the industry's innovation leaders.


Zero Post Multi-Slide System


Interactive experiences operational

on all mobile devices


Folding System


Stacking Multi Slide System


Pocketing Multi Slide System


Interactive video is inextricably tied to the post production as it creates decision trees requiring extra film coverage to cover multiple angles and various journeys the user can take. To make things more challenging it required an exploratory design where the user could loop back at any given time versus one linear experience. The concept was an interactive system where the brand could consolidate all of its websites learning content into each experience and have interactive elements throughout. In other words, replace the traditional learning page of a product line with interactive videos.


In addition to these challenges, was finding 20 homes across the country with the actual systems in place which meant current residents would have to let the team film there, each home with a unique cast, so the overall cast was racially diverse as well as age and sex diverse. It would have a lifestyle approach, be fully narrated, and provide a demo at the beginning as well so the user didn't feel overwhelmed.






Limited menu system

Limited interactive features

Locked into entire viewing on linear timeline

Limited customization

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 2.08.46 PM.png

**Given the limitation of most interactive systems, we would need another solution to consolidate so many videos into one non-linear experience.



Offline interactive would have presented a custom top to bottom solution but would have required an entire team to develop entirely new software to achieve what the client wanted and would not have been cost effective. The team discovered an online only platform called Eko Interactive, which allowed for parallel nodes. Parallel nodes allowed the user to switch between alternate angles live without breaking narrative flow and at any point could access a drop down menu and redirect to prior menus. This allowed for a unique interactive opportunity when opening door systems for homeowners wherein they could change angles of a door system operation from closeups, wide shots, and between interior and exterior.


Eko also allowed for custom sounds, buttons, giving control over the UI functionality. Everything was built from the ground up using Eko's custom backend builder where the nodes could be created and journey shaped to exactly how the client wanted. In addition, the backend would keep track of clickable information providing key insights for the brand. Eko also provided an auto default option so if the user didn't make a choice, the program would continue through video to video in a seamless experience.

The film team then had to film each door system interaction from 4 different angles with a single camera. The priority was filming the door system first from all angles and then creating a narrative life style story around it second. Each location was unique and proposed its own reflection challenges with large glass walls, so using a single camera and having actors match the actions was technically more helpful and nimble. For each home a mini story was filmed, and then purposed into two edits, one that was more narratively linear (material options) and one that was edited with other homes making it more informational (design considerations). Each experience started with a demo so the user wasn't intimidated by the prospect os entering something new.



Custom menu system

Parallel Nodes (Live Angle Switching)

Non-Linear Viewing w/ Menu Navigation

Full UI customization

Clickable Data Tracking

Intuitive Backend Node Editor

Auto Default Decisions

Website Linkouts

Mac and Android

All mobile Devices


Social Sharing

HTML Embed w/ iFrame

Instant Publishing



Decision Timer

Expanding Menu

Touch Zones

Player Controls

Main Menu "Material Options"

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 2.05.36 PM.png

Node Flow Structure

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 2.05.51 PM.png

Parallel Node Angles

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.55.50 PM.png

Backend Node Builder

The Results

9 Advertising Awards, featured in Houzz magazine, distributed across the country in showrooms and at the worlds largest industry trade shows. High user ratings, increased sales and inquiries by prospective homeowners, buyers and builders across the country. Above normal retention rates, replay data and exploration data of users. Increased website traffic and a substantial minimization of customer confusion, support and misguided calls. Sustained user traffic year over year and increased sales year over year.

The video content has since been repurposed for social media, catalogues, and become a legacy project for the brand that continues to help consumers and builders the world over.

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